We offer a variety of personal eye exams for adults and children.

Eye Exam

Dr. Copeland strongly believes in the importance of preventive eye care. A comprehensive eye examination is essential for maintaining good vision and ocular health.  A comprehensive eye examination usually involves a vision check, glasses update, ocular health evaluation, and dilation.


InfantSEE is a national program where enrolled eye doctors provide eye examinations to infants before their first birthday at no charge. The public health program is managed by American Optometric Foundation. Dr. Copeland is a provider for InfantSEE


Pediatric Eye Exam

Vision is key to learning.  Most children are unaware that their vision is not normal and whether they are seeing well or not.  As children grow, their eyes grow and change, too. A yearly pediatric eye examination makes sure their eyes are healthy and working their best.

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Diabetic Eye Exam

Diabetes can negatively affect many body systems, including the eye. Diabetes can lead to blindness if left uncontrolled. An annual diabetic eye examination allows Dr. Copeland to have a direct view of your blood vessels making sure they are staying health and your diabetes is controlled.

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