Keep Your Independence: Turn Visual Impairment into Visual Empowerment

February is Low Vision Awareness Month, and that means bringing awareness to the rehabilitation services that are available to help reduce visual impairment and maximize individual sight and independence. Visual impairments make it difficult to do everyday activities such as moving around, reading, or preparing meals. Such issues aren’t fixable with glasses, contacts, or even treatments like medicine or surgery. However, there are rehabilitation services available that can help.

Services Catered to Your Needs


If you have any visual impairment, there are a range of vision rehabilitation services available. These services are key for making the most of the vision you have and continuing to do the things that you love. They are available for people of all ages, and include…

  • Job training
  • Lighting and reading stands, or other assistive products
  • Magnifiers and screen readers, or other technologies
  • Independent living skills training
  • Emotional support
  • Transport and household services
Eye Exam at Innovative Eye care

Stay at the Forefront of Technology with the Explore Series by Humanware

Innovative Eye Care is pleased to now be offering both the Explore 5 and Explore 8 portable video-magnifiers by Humanware. The Explore 8 is perfect for anyone who needs an electronic reading aid to magnify their documents. It’s suitable for all manners of small tasks, with magnification up to 30x. Boasting a compact design with an 8.0-inch screen, it’s not only handy but portable. For everyday use, consider the Explore 5. It’s the ideal companion for reading anything on the spot, such as restaurant menus or pill containers, wherever you may find yourself. This vision aid makes independent living comfortable, and offers up to 22x magnification on a pocket-sized device.

Visual impairment happens to all people of all ages, and it is our mission to bring comfort and support to each and every person affected. 

To find out more about these video-magnifiers by Humanware, or the number of other services available to aid your visual impairment, stop in or schedule an appointment with Dr. Copeland at Innovative Eye Care today

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