Start Spring in Style with Designer Eyewear from Orgreen Optics

If you’re in need of new designer eyewear, the Sheet Titanium and Orgreen Acetate lines from Orgreen Optics are known for their beauty and quality. 

Orgreen Optics has made a name for itself through its use of high-end materials, unique signature style, and innovative color combinations. Established in Copenhagen in 1997, this global brand prioritizes quality as the cornerstone of great design. They are dedicated to crafting high-quality titanium, acetate, and combination frames using the most advanced frame technology. 

Orgreen Optics is renowned for its attention to detail, precision, and durability, ensuring that each frame is handcrafted to last a lifetime. With their focus on quality and craftsmanship, Orgreen Optics has become a world leader in creating unique, top-quality eyewear.

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Sheet Titanium
Orgreen Acetate

Orgreen Sheet Titanium Designer Eyewear

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Orgreen’s craftsmanship is born out of a deep-seated passion for creating exceptional eyewear. This quality is honed over years of practice as they strive to push the boundaries of innovation. 


Our classic and extensive sheet titanium frames, meticulously crafted in Japan, embody the principles of minimalistic design and durability that define the best of Danish design. Each frame undergoes over 100 distinct processes, ensuring that it can withstand the test of time while retaining its sleek, modern aesthetic. The collection is characterized by minimal colorations, maximum comfort, and outstanding durability. This makes them the perfect choice for those seeking a timeless and sophisticated look.

Orgreen Acetate Designer Eyewear


For more than 25 years, Orgreen has developed a mastery of color, and this expertise is evident in the stunning acetate collection.

With a dedicated approach to color mixing, Orgreen’s explored a range of solid, milky, transparent, and sparkling shades to create complex and captivating color stories. Every shade has been carefully selected and blended to create original and striking combinations, each one a fundamental design component for a specific style within the Orgreen Acetate collection.

The dynamic range of contemporary silhouettes features a diverse array of shapes, from modern interpretations of classical designs to more daring and experimental forms. What unites them all is the unique and eclectic color stories that give each frame its own distinct character. This collection is a testament to Orgreen’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of designer eyewear, and a celebration of the endless possibilities of color.

orgreen acetate designer eyewear

Ready for a new look? Try Orgreen Optics at Innovative Eye Care!

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