Spectacle Eyeworks Frames Bring Together Fashion & Function


Spectacle Eyeworks began in 1996 with just four styles, but have blossomed today into an award winning company with over one hundred styles. Innovative Eye Care is thrilled to announce we will now be carrying the flagship Spectacle Eyeworks collection, along with two of their other enticing collections (RETRO and Pussy Galore).


These collections have won numerous awards, including Eyewear of the Year at the 2001 and 2003 International Optical Fair Tokyo. Spectacle Eyeworks is determined to always offer the best in innovation, efficiency, and build.

spectacle eyeworks frames wendy

See and Love Being Seen with Spectacle Eyeworks Frames

Choosing the right pair of glasses too often feels like finding the right compromise between form and function. Spectacle Eyeworks shatters that notion by producing quality frames with ingenious designs, and Operations Director and designer Mehran Baghaie brings a fresh perspective on the geek-chic look. 

Boasting over twenty years in the Optical Industry, Mehran has always had a passion for fashion. He is anything but conventional, and this mentality drives growing sales at Spectacle Eyeworks year by year. We at Innovative Eye Care are proud to share his passion by offering three of their terrific collections.

Spectacle Eyeworks

Spectacle Eyeworks, the flagship collection and house line, boasts diverse styles in stainless steel and plastic alike. They deliver funky, colorful variants of everyday styles and drive home that glasses are more than just a necessity.


RETRO offers a new revival of timeless classics. With styles you’ve come to love for generations now available in fresh colors and shapes, RETRO perfectly marries nostalgia and vibrance.

Pussy Galore

Pussy Galore is a gorgeous collection of cat eye frames given a stunning gradient of colors and fun styles. This collection is both authentically nostalgic and universally flattering, maintaining its femme roots with a soft allure.

Get New Spectacle Eyeworks Frames at Innovative Eye Care

If you would like to see our awesome new Spectacle Eyeworks frames, stop in to check them out or schedule your appointment with Innovative Eye Care today!

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