Introducing Varilux XR Series: The Revolutionary Eye-Responsive Progressive Lenses




Launched this month, the Varilux XR Series is the first eye-responsive progressive lens powered by behavioral artificial intelligence (AI). At Innovative Eye Care, we are thrilled to introduce these groundbreaking progressive lenses.

In today’s fast-paced world, our eyes are constantly in motion, processing an incredible amount of visual information. As our visual demands increase, so does the need for eyewear that can keep up with our modern lifestyles. Enter the Varilux XR Series developed by EssilorLuxottica. These revolutionary lenses promises instant sharpness in motion, delivering an unparalleled visual experience for presbyope individuals. Usually those who are gradually losing the ability to focus on nearby objects due to aging. 

A Breakthrough in Behavioral AI for Progressive Lenses

EssilorLuxottica has taken a giant leap forward with the Varilux XR Series. Through a study of over 6,500 consumers, researchers gained deep insights into the lifestyles and visual challenges faced by presbyopes (individuals with age-related vision problems). The study collected over one million data points, forming the foundation for the development of a revolutionary behavioral modeling system.

By leveraging the power of AI, EssilorLuxottica’s harnessed the quantity, quality, and variety of data to predict how presbyope individuals naturally look at objects. This data-driven approach is truly cutting-edge and exclusive to EssilorLuxottica. The insights derived from customer orders, real-life wearer tests, in-store measurements, and physiological models enabled the creation of a unique lens that respects the natural behavior of the eye. It really is an incredible step forward!

The Vision Volume Advantage

The Varilux XR Series offers wearers an incredible advantage with up to 49 percent more vision volume compared to its predecessor, the Varilux X Series. Wearers experience instant sharpness, even during motion which provides a clear and crisp view of the world around them.

Eyeglass Wearers Are Loving These Progressive Lenses

In independent third-party tests, an amazing 87% of people–many of whom usually wore premium progressive lenses–preferred the Varilux XR Series after trying them, with no change in their prescription. This resounding endorsement speaks to the exceptional quality and performance of these progressive lenses.

Also, an astounding 95 percent of wearers adapted to their new Varilux XR lenses on the very first day of use. This rapid adaptation highlights the lens’s user-friendly design and seamless integration into everyday life.

Norbert Gorny, co-chief operating officer at EssilorLuxottica, emphasizes the significance of the lens’s eye-responsive technology. An innovative digital twinning approach allows for the establishment of a unique visual behavior profile for each individual’s prescription, enabling the creation of personalized lenses like never before. 

If you currently wear or think you may need progressive lenses, Dr. Copeland highly recommends trying the Varilux XR Series from EssilorLuxottica. You can find more information by checking out this video. If you would like to discuss thee amazing new lenses with Dr. Copeland, schedule your appointment with Innovative Eye Care today!

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