5 Reasons You Can't Wear Contacts That Just Aren't True

Tired of glasses fog, but think you can’t wear contacts? Read on to learn why that’s probably not true.

I wear bifocal or progressive glasses.

Multifocal contact lenses correct vision in each eye for both distance and near tasks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear contacts.  This gives good vision for activities at multiple distances including distance signs while driving, computer screens, and phones. Multifocal contact lens designs have improved greatly in recent years.  If you’ve never tried them or tried them previously without success, they are worth looking into.

My prescription is too high or I have too much astigmatism.

Just like multifocal contact lenses, soft contact lens designs have improved and expanded greatly.  Within just the past two years, many contact lens manufacturers have expanded their soft contact lenses offerings. This expansion allows more wearers to fit within standard designs.  Custom soft contact lenses are also available for those who still fall outside of these parameters.

I only want to wear contact lenses for sports or special events. I will be wasting contacts since I won’t be wearing them much.

Daily disposable contacts are a great option for people who want to wear contacts occasionally.  The lenses come individually packaged. The wearer opens the lenses and puts the lenses on for the specific activity.  The lenses are then removed and thrown away.  A typical 3-month supply might last 6 months to year with infrequent wear, making the investment quite minimal.

My eyes are too dry.

Daily disposable contact lenses are also a great option for dry eyes.  Nothing beats the feeling of a newly opened contact lens on your eye.  Since dailies are individually packaged, the wearer will experience this every day!  Inserting a new lens daily also ensures that no irritants or allergens remain on the lens from previous wear.  Custom scleral lenses offer an additional option for people with severe dry eye who have been unsuccessful with soft daily disposables who feel they can’t wear contacts. 

I have an eye condition like keratoconus that affects the front of my eye and gives it an irregular shape.

scleral lens.jpg

There are many conditions that cause the front surface of the eye to be irregular. Some of these are keratonconus, pellucid marginal dystrophy, and post-corneal transplant.  Although people with these conditions cannot wear standard soft contact lenses, there are many customizable options available.  Including specialty soft, rigid gas permeable, and scleral contact lenses.  Customized contact lenses have the added benefit of giving the wearers with these conditions better vision than with their glasses. 

Still think you can’t wear contacts?

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