Why a Comprehensive Eye Exam Should be Part of Your Back to School Checklist

It’s time to schedule a comprehensive eye exam for your child! With summer on it’s way out, parents are preparing their kids for back to school. Making sure they have the supplies they need is important – but making sure there is nothing wrong with their vision – is critical.

Whether at home or in the classroom, good eye health is essential to your child’s success. As we know, the demand on children grows as they get older and acquire more knowledge and skills. The uptick in reading, homework, and studying can bring out eye issues that they might not be able to communicate properly.

In fact, this time of year is perfect for making sure your whole family is healthy and seeing things with proper vision.

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Why Your Child Needs a Comprehensive Eye Exam Before Returning to School

There is no questions that vision is essential for learning. In fact, a majority of what we learn is processed visually. A child with vision problems may not perform well, causing them to dislike school. Often, poor vision is the culprit. Fortunately, proper glasses and other aids can help your child see clearly and live up to their academic potential.

At What Age Should Kids Have an Eye Exam?

It is recommended by Dr. Copeland and the American Optometric Association recommend that children have their first eye exam between 6-12 months. If their eyes are healthy, the next visit should be at age 3 and then age 5.

How Often Should Kids Receive an Eye Exam?

Dr. Copeland recommends children 5 and older (school age) have a comprehensive eye exam each year. As kids grow, their eyes grow and change, too. An annual comprehensive eye exam will help to ensure their eyes are working their best and nothing has changed.

Do Kids Need an Eye Exam if They Already Were Screened in School?

Absolutely! A mandated school screening does not take the place of a comprehensive eye exam. It’s common for children to pass or fail a screening when they should not. Also, screenings given in schools only focus on how well the child sees and not the whole visual/ocular system. It’s important to go beyond the screening and schedule a comprehensive eye exam for your child at an eye doctor’s office.

Schedule Your Child's Comprehensive Eye Exam Today!

We believe annual comprehensive eye exams are important for all school-aged children, but especially those with obvious signs glasses are needed. Squinting and complaints about not being able to see far away are the most common. You should also look out for headaches (especially after being on the computer), excessive blinking, and an aversion to reading.