8 Ways to Protect Your Eyes this Summer




We often hear about the risks posed to our skin by increased UV radiation exposure and are urged to be proactive in preventing potential damage, especially during the summer months and periods of extended outdoor activity… but did you know that protecting your eyes is just as important for a number of immediate and long-term reasons? 


Let’s discover how to keep our eyes healthy while enjoying the beautiful weather this season.

protect your eyes summer

Wear UV Resistant Lenses

One of the most effective ways to prevent damage to your eyes from direct UV exposure is to guard them with a protective lens. Generally speaking, any lens that provides UV protection is better than having none at all. However, it is strongly recommended to find a brand that guarantees 100% protection. Recent studies have shown that not only does the shade and material of the lenses matter for protection, but also the geometry. It’s important therefore to find a pair of glasses that is fitted properly to your face to ensure full potential protection is reached. While sunglasses are tremendously valuable in the fight against eye damage, they alone will not protect against UV rays or things like chemical exposure. It’s important to continue to practice regular eye hygiene as well, which includes regular eye moisturization.

Carry Artificial Tears

A quick way to keep your eyes moisturized during a dry spell is to drop a few artificial tears on them as directed by the product. Dry eyes carry increased risk of damage, whereas a layer of moisture will help to protect from any immediate exposure or burning.

Wash Hands and Avoid Eye Contact

It’s always recommended to not directly rub your eyes and to instead use a warm sterile cloth to rub your face whenever possible. For many people, rubbing your eyes can still be instinctual and it is important to keep your hands cleaned at all times for this and many other reasons. By continuing to practice good hygiene with your hands, you will keep your eyes less exposed and vulnerable as well. Dry, irritated, and/or infected eyes are especially vulnerable to being further damaged by UV exposure.

Wear Protective Goggles When Needed

UV resistant lenses are very good for protecting your eyes from direct exposure, as previously discussed. Other things that can dry out or harm your eyes, damaging them immediately and making them susceptible to future issues, would include harsh chemicals from pool water or any shrapnel (sawdust, hedge clippings, metal, etc.) from yard work. In both cases, protective goggles can be worn to shield the eyes. These goggles can even include UV resistance themselves to bundle your protection together.

Keeps Irritants Out of Eyes

Sunscreens, tanning lotions, or any other harsh chemicals should always be kept away from your eyes. If your eyes are exposed, you should flush them with artificial tears or eye wash. If you do not have these things, distilled or sterile water should be used with a clean rag to wipe afterwards. It is not recommended to use tap water to flush the eyes. Once you’ve performed immediate first-aid, contact poison control for any necessary instructions. Not only will your eyes become dry and carry more risk from sun damage if exposed to harsh chemicals, but immediate damage could even cause issues up to and including blindness.

Hydrate & Eat Omega-3 Rich Foods

If you are dehydrated, your body will also be unable to hydrate your eyes. It’s important to always get your daily water intake, especially so when you are exposed to high temperatures. Eating seeds and nuts, along with veggies like spinach, arugula, tomatoes, kale, yams, broccoli and zucchini, will all provide beneficial vitamins and nutrients for your eyes.

Treat Your Allergies

If your eyes seem to get itchy, red, or swollen, consider that you might be experiencing eye allergy symptoms. If OTC medication doesn’t help, consider placing an appointment at Innovative Eye Care today to learn more about treatment and prevention.

Schedule Regular Eye Exams

Finally, scheduling regular eye exams is crucial to stay informed on what is happening with your eyes. Home treatments are always good, but only a trained medical professional can give you guaranteed assurance on your health and form a personalized plan that helps you stay healthy as an individual. Innovative Eye Care of Kalamazoo is here for any and all of your optometry related needs, because it is our mission to keep Kalamazoo seeing clear. 

If you’re interested in finding the right lenses, treatments, and therapies to protect your eyes this summer, then schedule an appointment with Innovative Eye Care of Kalamazoo or stop in today!

[By the way, one of the more common issues caused by not following the preventative measures listed above is macular degeneration. This is when damage to the macular in your retina makes images sent to your brain become blurrier and eventually can lead to blindness. If you are experiencing this, consider talking with us about how Vision Edge Pro supplements can help you].


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