Stop Ultraviolet Light Damage with Crizal® No-Glare Lenses

Educating patients about the dangers of UV light exposure – and the need for Crizal® No-Glare lenses – is a passion of ours at Innovative Eye Care. May is designated Ultraviolet Awareness Month with the bright summer days just around the corner. While UV light is invisible, it is very dangerous. There is no amount of UV light exposure that is healthy for the eye. Recently, it has been shown that exposure to UV light contributes to the early onset of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). This means that every single pair of glasses should have Crizal® No-Glare lenses or some type of no-glare treatment. We recommend no-glare treatment to 100% of our patients given all of its benefits.

The Dangers of UV Exposure
  • There is no amount of UV exposure that is healthy for your eyes
  • UV damage to the eyes is cumulative over time and often irreversible
  • In almost half of your normal daily activities, such as running errands or walking the dog, your eyes are susceptible to harmful UV rays
  • Complete UV protection on your everyday clear lenses can help protect the long-term health of your eyes
no-glare lenses

Why Every Pair of Glasses Needs No-Glare Lenses

You may be surprised to learn that no-glare lenses like Crizal® No-Glare, do more than just help to protect your eyes. In fact, they also sharpen your vision, look better aesthetically, and provide increased durability. There is really no situation in which we would recommend a patient not get No-Glare lenses. Dr. Copeland wrote an article a few years ago about the need for glasses to have no-glare treatment, as well as added benefits. You can read the original article by clicking here and find a summary of the benefits below.

Added Protection Against UV Light

Sharper Vision

Clinical data has shown Crizal® No-Glare lenses provide the most complete protection against the dangers of UV light. There are also other no-glare options, including Essilor’s Crizal® Prevencia® which also selectively filters blue light. We discuss the benefits and different options with our patients to find the one that meets their needs.

High glare situations like driving at night or being in front of a screen require No-Glare lenses for optimal vision. However, no-glare treatment is actually helpful to your vision all of the time. Our eyeglass lenses are always exposed to light.  No-glare helps to let in light while reducing reflection.

Better Aesthetics

Increased Durability

Crizal® No-Glare lenses actually improve the appearance of lenses when they’re exposed to light. When you’re without no-glare treatment, light is reflected instead of transmitted. This can be very distracting for others and create an undesirable look. 

Crizal® No-Glare lenses are extra strong and protect your glasses against unwanted scratches. You also no longer have to worry about the coating pealing off. Today’s no-glare products are actually built into the lens, there is no coating! 

With all of the added benefits of No-Glare lenses for your glasses, it may be time to upgrade. Long gone are the days of colored, flaky films for no-glare lenses. The treatment is clear like other lenses but help you to look, see, and feel better. Give us a call at (269) 870-7334 or send us a message to set up an appointment to discuss. We look forward to helping protect your eyes from harmful UV light.

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